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Hello! Bonjour!

I am a freelance illustrator living in Peterborough, Canada and former graduate of OCAD University. Besides my love for creating pictures, I relish in hunting for antiques, playing soccer and comforted by a well made cup of tea; strong with just a dollop of milk, no sugar!

Recent previous clients include Mary Young, Collective Arts Brewing, L'Express, Peterborough DBIA, CareWear, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Hostel Oasis, Makers Festival, Street Art Toronto, and The Newspaper


"The Sadlier House" resident artist, Peterborough, November 2023- Spring 2024


"The Illustrated Boro," Peterborough, November 2022

“Outside the Box,” City of Toronto Public Art, June 2017


“The Healthy Living Conference,” FAC, Toronto, March 2017


“Works on Paper,” Mark Christopher Gallery, Toronto, January 2013


“Alice in Sunderland,” The Law Office Gallery, Sunderland, October 2012


“Les Cheveux Electriques,” Primo Piano Livin Gallery, Lecce, Italy, Summer 2010.


“Faithful Transformations,” Mark Christopher Gallery, Toronto, October 2009


“Little Known Artifacts,” O.C.A.D. Student Gallery, Toronto, September 2009


“Seedlings,” Extempore Gallery, Toronto, May 2009


“Uncle Ronnie’s Pop Up Holiday Art Shop,” Me Thinks Presents, Toronto, December 2008


“This is Kensington,” Extempore Gallery, Toronto, October 2008


“Line of Thought”, O.C.A.D. Student Gallery, Toronto, February 2008


“La Moustache”, Me Thinks Presents, Traveling Art Show, Montreal (August 2007), New York (November 2007), Toronto (December 2007)


“Compress My Buttons”, Collective 7, Toronto, July 2007


Mary Young's blog the Self Love Club, December 2021

Applied Arts Magazine May/June 2009 issue, “Let’s Play Horsey”



Chosen for American Illustration's, (Ai-Ap) 42, “The Night Kitchen” 2022

Chosen illustration for the Adobe Live Illustration Event with Corey Brickley, 2018


Chosen for American Illustration's, (Ai-Ap) 28, “Let’s Play Horsey” 2009


Chosen for American Illustration’s, (Ai-Ap) 26, “The Cake Eaters” and “I Found Death One Day” 2007

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